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F2000 Championship Series
(SCCA PRO Racing)

Acknowledged by the USF1 Team as the premier Official Driver Development Series in formula racing in the United States, and is the primary source for young driver heading towards F1. The F2000 championship Series consistently fields the largest grid field (30-40 cars/event) of open wheel race cars in North America and promises incredibly competitive racing.

Highly advanced, constantly-evolving car developments require the driver to adapt quickly to reap the benefit of the latest innovations to leap-frog the competition. The cutting edge F1-style Formula develops the driver's ability to provide accurate performance reports that are responsive to specific car improvements. Learing this skill is vital for a driver to be able to contribute to car development. Some examples include :

  • Radical Front Wing design/innovation options.
  • Rear Wing Configuration & location changes.
  • Diffuser utilization & adaptive technologies
  • Closely controlled engine parameters monitored for all competitors.
  • Open Formula shocks/springs require driver feedback & understanding.

F2000 Championship Series